Monday, December 26, 2005

Ho!! Ho!! Ho!! ...0wning the Cisco IOS , BlackHat USA 2005 ;)



In his blog, Bruce schneier,a security guru gives his review on how cisco were/are harassing former ISS Security Researcher, Michael lynn. Mr.Lynn had quit his job to present the paper in Blackhat USA '05.

Security Guru gives his clear view of what happened to Mike.

---[Audio File]---

Audio of a Press Conference at BlackHat USA 2005 over Cisco and Michael Lynn

This press conference was held during BlackHat USA2005 on Jul 28 with Michael Lynn and Jeff Moss attended. All parties which involved were invited but Cisco and ISS didn't participate.

Here's MP3 audio of the press conference. 37 min.

---[Video file]---
"Someone" posted a video of BlackHat USA proceedings page ripping process by Cisco sent staff.
Download the video here(QuickTime format)

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