Sunday, April 30, 2006

TV cards people ... It's time for new action as I have gone chasing the card model from Nagra systems for TV.

The card model is ST19XL18... I have figured out a new way of dumping the eprom. The card's memory is having several roms. (3 ROMs and 1 EEPROM) The whole thing is about DSS hacking. Sadly there's no DSS in Chennai, only cable TV

I got lucky when I met a 24 yr old from Portugal who asked me for help and it's really cool to know that weak crypto algos like DES are still used in TV cards. The whole aim to do all this to see more/all channels for FREE

We have finally made it ... he was happy and so am I... I learned something new and new hardware to play with.
The best part was all this was done remotely with me just supervising about the hardware/cables/connectors and the binaries were sent to me by email. He co-operated with me a lot and Iam proud that we did all this within 1 week. Hehe ;-))

Given below is a small working of our old 64-bit algo.
>> A short write up on DES by the Matthew Fischer <<


Update: If anybody wants the ST-7 opcodes email me


Anonymous said...

What is your email address? :)

I created a yahoo account in order to chat with you (kishfellow), but have yet to see you online! Could you shoot me a msg at redag2 [at] gmail [dot] com ?


Scarlet said...

Added you on Yahoo, I will get in touch with you soon

Cheers :)