Sunday, July 16, 2006

Things I can think of now ...
Microsoft Bulletin (came out 4 days before ... already ppl will be diff'ing patches)
Post on browser bugs from hdm
Then the Anti-Malware Team at Microsoft releasing a whitepaper
Picture of the Anti-Malware Team

Ahh... I almost forgot Italy's World Cup victory over France and about the
"disgusting" words spoken by Materazzi. Zidane's head butt had a lot of press
attention. According to French Coach Raymond Domenech "To me
Materazzi is the man.... He not only uttered those words and sent
our best player packing, but also scored an extra goal and helped
Italy win the world cup"

Ye, we can understand why he said he scored the "extra-goal".
At the near end of the match in the second period of extra-time the french
players were really pushing it hard and almost scored a goal ...
suddenly zidane's head butt and the rest is history ... it went to
penalties and the italians won on penalties. For me this world cup was
less convincing than the 2002 world cup for the sheer fact of the dives
(all hail van bommel)/unfair play (do u remember a banner called "My play is fair play ??")
/inconsistent referees(Portugal v Holland) and ofcourse the materazzi-zidane issue.

I bought a new laptop with very nice specs. That's some good news :)

/quit for now

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