Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Muscles & Fitness - Training system library is worth every penny you invest in it ...

I just bought the 5 DVDs for 40 US Dollars, I think it's an incredible source for body building.

I'll write more about this dvd shortly ...

On a side note, weight that we gain is reversible ... Lots of things are "reversible" in life, and reversing comes naturally ;)

GPS is having it's gcc toolkit ready. I have been examining the board for a while now, and coding the processor module for nintendo with the opcodes.

If someone needs the opcodes for v831 processor, let me know through email.

Cheers :)


Tom Bailey said...

The photos on those tapes look inspiring to acheive. Very inspirational. I would like to know how well they end up working.

Kish said...

Hey, Tom the videos are cool and they start from a no-accessory workout to a gym type work out with barbels/dumbells.

Cheers :)