Thursday, March 01, 2007

Originally posted on the 14th of Feb, Yeah, Iam sorry, late by 2 weeks. Still worth a laugh.

Acunetix survey says : 70% of websites, out of it's 3200 scanned ones were vulnerable to attacks.

Then, Network world and it's "go-to-guy" Joel Snyder, a.k.a Security expert, replies back

Thomas Ptacek, a guru at Matasano, gives his take on the issue.

Acunetix gives back some statistics and it's report...

I learnt to laugh like an Italian friend of mine, UAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUAUA !!
You must try it too ... it's fun to laugh, it's the best way to forget all your worries...

Jokes apart, the truth is conveyed here humorously... You must note that somewhere in the context is mentioned, Acunetix's numbers are low ...

/Ale vide

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