Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting passwords with P2P

Getting passwords with p2p softwares

1. First you need to get any p2p software,download it with the crack.
2. When you get bearshare and have set it up, click the Search button.
3. Click on 'Documents' in the search section, and type anything like: My Passwords,Yahoo Passwords, Ebay Passwords, My Passes, Rapidshare Pass,XXX Pass, your best bet is My Passwords.txt
4. Now the syntax : Passwords or pass , you can include txt extension if required.
5. Search and download the files and you can see clear text passwords.

How is this possible?
Simple answer, most p2p are illegal, they share your whole hd even if you set restrictions to prevent the sharing of entire hd or ur best collections.

Wrote this a while ago, in some forum (this is from my 2006 scribbling), the funny thing is
"it still works!"


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