Monday, June 06, 2011

Note: Top 5 Database Breaches in 2011

1. Victim: HBGary Federal
Assets Stolen/Affected: 60,000 confidential emails, executive social media accounts, and customer information.

2. Victim: RSA
Assets Stolen/Affected: Proprietary information about RSA's SecurID authentication tokens.

3. Victim: Epsilon
Assets Stolen: E-mail databases from 2 percent of the firm's 2,500 corporate clients.

4. Victim: Sony
Assets Stolen: More than 100 million customer account details and 12 million unencrypted credit card numbers.

5. Victim: Texas Comptroller's Office
Assets Stolen: The names, Social Security numbers, and mailing addresses of 3.5 million individuals, plus dates of birth and driver's license numbers of some.

Note for reference... :D

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