Saturday, August 27, 2011

iQuit... Steve job quits apple, what again?

I have stopped counting the number of times, he's quit and come back to Apple...

Really would be a relief, if he let M$ stay on top and generate serious revenue compared to Apple. Personally, I'd like to see iPhone and a lot of i Apps / i Hardware(s) to stop... The world becomes restricted to bullshit software provided by apple... and their updates, well you've got to pay for it? WTF?

A lot of apple fans are pissed because the software, drm and whole pay for your updates BS - what if, they introduce bugs just to push more updates... That is not happening now, but some thing like that isn't impossible... ;)

It would be ironic to have such ridiculous stuff going on, amidst their already high number of vulnerabilities. iHate - Apple... All that aside, Steve Jobs is a great guy (business strategy, promotion, ideas and inspiring), Good luck to him !

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