Sunday, April 01, 2012

iPod not for common man !

Apparently the iPod manufactured by Apple is not for a common man... The more restrictions, the more twisted and the more ironic the sales reps and customer service behaves these days... Apple has become a bloody pain in the rear to deal with...

Take their iPad for instance, you do a 101 pointless things to get two files across... through their royal useless iTunes software - which must be updated all the time. Take Samsung Note or Galaxy for example, you have so many useful apps, a lot of flexibility with the Android OS and accessing files and transferring the same in High Def are a breeze...

Most irritating part of this whole shindig is when Apple decides, India is not there in their "universe" !

Fuck you, Apple for not including India / Asia in the list
Considering that Asia is the biggest continent in the world, with important electric / electronic players like Japan, China and India... Why do they need a separate website? What's more? Their product fails epically, cosmically, at all levels... from their promise to "hidden costs" to "service and support" BS... To top it off, they don't provide open service in India!

iTunes is king, really? A piece of shit called iTunes - which fails at what it is supposed to do - sync, delete, manage and restore - basically, enable smooth functioning of the device - I conclude Apple's useless products are not for every man, a common man, most certainly not for a hacker... You like flexibility? You want to hack a device? You want to play with all the features?

You better look away from Apple, unless you want to give your hard earned cash for a worthless list of shiny products. There's a whole list of products in terms of smart phones, tablets and mp3 players...

As the guy, who's spent money on 5 iPods (of all sizes and shapes) in 3 years and dumped all of them in 6 to 8 months each... I say, Fuck You Apple for making bad products and selling them!

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