Thursday, December 27, 2012

GoogleTalk Disconnect Issue (Notes)

GoogleTalk Disconnect - Workaround
URL: hxxp://

if your gtalk disconnects OFTEN

that's because your client / browser establishes a tunnel to localhost

if you can change that goddamn proxy to a proper setting or a port fwd

it doesn't disconnect at all
i got so pissed today to check out off all the days... i've been using talk...
netstat -t
netstat -n
netstat -ban
all those commands showed this idea of google-talk tunneling to my localhost

two things to note, this doesn't apply for mobile and browser based chat (
just for gtalk client, browser based chat connects through 5222 / 52xx mostly...

too bad google talk doesn't provide a "No proxy" option... It makes sense to add the feature ASAP...

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