Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thank You

Many of my friends and well wishers have been wondering what happened to me and have gotten in touch from time to time in the last year and a half! Thank You! I am alive and well!

>> Originally drafted in December, 2014 <<

I am going to take a long break, an indefinite break from security to pursue alternate avenues and take on new challenges in life. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my clients, my beloved hard disks, 3 am creativity, caffeine, my laptops, my motorcycle and my first few computers for putting up with me...

On a side note: My love / hate for WhatsApp as always, continues... So when WhatsApp upgrades you to "Life time" validity? Ask yourself what's going on? Free the app? Free that chat?

( HINT: Read free application co. will sell, resell, use your information as means for revenue with multiple companies / corporations / stakeholders )

With two methods to happily hack whatsapp and multiple methods to hack a mobile phone. Think twice before you type 'stuff' on your chat window. Better to be safe than sorry with all those nude selfies floating on the WWW (world's wild web)...

You can still reach me by writing an e-mail... but, you knew that already... haha! ;))


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