Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back... To Security Testing

After a recent flood of investigative, forensic and legal support requests... We are back ON-Track to security testing... Always great to have the 'hacker' tag :D

I certainly appreciate my clients who entrusted their resources to me for investigations and forensic work, but nothing like our bread-and-butter, haha.

The headlines from ArsTechnica read "MSE 2.0 arrives with heuristic scanning, network traffic inspection" & "December 2010 Patch Tuesday will come with most bulletins ever"... and ZDNet's headlines include "Microsoft delivers patches for IE, font driver; Puts Stuxnet to bed" & "Apple plugs 15 gaping security holes in QuickTime"

Some surprise that MSE 2.0 has been successful, because it was released earlier for as a pilot - and failed in 1.0 before they learned their lessons and launched 2.0 ;)

Same surprise about Windows Patch Tuesday - I love MS, they help us survive and stay in business... No Wonder, with tools like Metasploit and CANVAS around :D

Stuxnet has been put to bed and that is indeed good news...

We are going to have a blast, 3 pen-tests already lined up :))

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