Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ignorance is "THE" root of all evil

Example? HBGary's latest pwnage by Anonymous group... Can't understand why they don't maintain good passwords, different passwords for their account, some user awareness and why they can't get pro-active website maintenance and testing. They have so much capital and as the last line in the JPG says... "not expertly secured" ... Epic FAIL.

BTW, I had and still have respect for Greg Hoglund from HBGary. All in all, they lost clients and will have bad PR for the next month or so... please work on your security "before" you get hacked.

For all the guys, who insist on "no DoS, no stress testing, no client side testing and no social engineering" - [04:18] <&Sabu> greg, a 16 year old girl social engineered your admin jussi and got root to

Yes, that's straight from a IRC chat log involving Greg(HBGary), Penny (HBGary) and the anonymous group... I read the full log for the LOLs :D

Peace !

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